Hi, I'm Bradlee

Director / Lead Consultant

Every day, you are writing your story. We can help you focus your time and listening power to take your Life, Career & Business to the next level. As coaches, we lead you to the right questions about what you find important, then help you map out the necessary steps to accomplish your goals.

We are about helping you, or your business find its truest potential – one step at a time.


Hi I'm Bradlee

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is the process that aims to address specific challenges within your life, whether personal or business. Coaching involves a close look at the general conditions and transition of the client’s own life, relationships or profession by looking at the environment in which they find themselves. The journey is of discovery – uncovering what your obstacles may be and mapping out a course of action to take your life or business to your desired potential.

Coaching is a designed collaboration between coach and client, but the power ultimately lies with you, the client, and we continually strive to empower you. At ALCP, we believe that you are acutely aware of the answers to your life’s questions or challenges, even if you cannot see those answers at first glance. At ALCP, we are here to help you discover your truest potential.

Our Process

Made up for three key phases

Initial Meeting

First Phase

Initial Meeting

• Initial Meeting (uncover potential and align possibilities) Free 1 hour

• “Design the Progress” first session 120-minutes

Truth and Discovery Icons

Second Phase

Truth & Discovery

• One phone call per week (session length depends on program)

• Email support

• Occasional brief check-in calls

• Iteration and advancement

Phase 2 - Mapping Progress

 Third Phase

Mapping Progress

• Mapping Progress (recap after every session creating a running narrative)

• Sign-off

Our Services

Amazing Lives Consulting & Projects can provide customised, one-on-one sessions and goal development plans focusing on solutions within a safe, caring and confidential environment. Additionally, tackle group dynamics to conduct realignment strategies that drive the desired successes.

Career Re-engineering

Career Re-engineering

Career re-engineering is a fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of your career to ensure dramatic improvements. In our careers, we decide to re-engineer when we want to do something new or different and to be challenged.

Life and Business Coaching Icons

Life & Business Coaching

Life and Business coaching propels action. At ALCP, we help clients increase self-awareness, clarify their goals, raise their confidence, identify their paths and commitment to their goals.

Human Capital Management Icons

Human Capital Management

Strategic human capital solutions are the essential backbone of all people related initiatives within any organisation. A principal goal of strategic human capital solutions is to provide a consistent, easy-to-use experience for all employees that enhances work life and therefore optimising business performance.

Change Management Consulting Icons

Change Management Consulting

Whether changing a culture, informing a business change or installing major company software, relooking at a process, starting a new project, and so on. Change management is a way of ensuring that changes made in the organisation, team, or processes are implemented or optimised effectively.

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