“Helping you or your business find it’s truest potential”

Founded in 2012, having realised a gap within the market. Amazing Lives Consulting & Projects (ALCP) was formed to help facilitate the unique value one brings into their lives and purpose, therefore allowing them to find where they fit into the world and unlock their most genuine potential.

Having interviewed over five thousand potential candidates and placed just over four thousand people into jobs, and managed them from a human resources perspective, Bradlee realised that there was a problem in the way people identified with themselves and finding meaningful employment. ALCP has developed a career re-engineering programme that helps one to identify with their unique value and use it as a proposition in which to find their purpose or drive.

While sharpening his sword and gaining valuable knowledge and skills, the founder of ALCP has managed to create multiple value streams to help individuals and businesses truly unlock their truest potential to add value and live fulfilling lives. Through a multi-disciplined approach to human capital and change management, the founder has come up with solutions to helping businesses effectively get the best out its people.

“The sum total of my experience has led to this point.”

Bradlee Holcomb
Bradlee Holcomb_2

With over 20 years’ experience in various sectors from Human Capital to Management Consulting and Coaching, Bradlee is passionate about people and helping them realise their truest potential. His background in human capital management and his passion for people has seen him expand his focus into four main aspects: talent & career development management, human resources, change & performance management and life & business coaching. He considers himself a “forever student,” keen to build on his acquired knowledge and stay in tune with the latest people solution trends to drive individual and business optimisation. Working with both individuals and corporates, Bradlee’s highest priority is to keep learning and living his life to his truest potential while helping his clients achieve the same satisfaction.

With experience spanning across industries, Bradlee has been at the cutting edge of most IT departments, financial institutions, recruitment & advertising agencies and call centre companies. He is now using the knowledge, and experience that he’s gained to help you and your business match your purpose and uncover your truest potential. Through discovering your truest potential, the hope is that you will break free from limitations, to achieve your highest capabilities. It’s never too late to make that first step.

Bradlee aims to equip his clients with tools and techniques that will help you explore and define your dreams, goals, and your purpose in your day-to-day professional and personal life. He continues to help you take actions on your choices that will help you become the best version of yourself over time. Following your sessions, you will walk away with the ability to hold yourself accountable and create life-changing habits.

Change takes time, Bradlee has helped his clients see how consistent, small changes in their business and personal life can help them eventually make a big difference. As a coach, he is here to guide you and your business and to help you discover your path towards a new chapter of your life. If one would ask what Bradlee is about, in essence, he’d tell you that his passion lies in helping you or your business find its true potential